Friday, November 27, 2009

not his best drive...

tiger woods drives into a fire hydrant and then smashes into a tree.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

our new home is no longer a patch of dirt

our new house has a roof, and walls (sort of).

this is leather-clad me, the home builder on the left and our realtor on the right.

this is me and daisy.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

convenient history (man-made, of course)

there is abundant evidence of major catastrophes throughout human history, both natural and man-made.

since we have no credible evidence of intelligent life anywhere other than our home, planet earth, you might think we would value human life a great deal higher than we apparently show to our fellow homo sapiens and other inhabitants of our home.

"Allāhu Akbar" or "god is great"

does anybody else think it absurd that the fort hood shooting began with a declaration of god and ended in prayer and more praying?

the NRA's assertion that more guns would prevent massacres is roundly disproved by this tragedy. since an army base is full of highly trained weapon specialists how come so many died and scores were injured?

and what of our so-called heroes? pacifists don't shoot people, as neither do atheists (any news articles that anyone can send that offer countering evidence i will gladly post).

was not this army doctor a hero in the eyes of america before he committed this act?

war is not heroic.
killing others is not heroic.
wearing a uniform by itself does not make you a hero.

one has to perform an act of heroism. and that includes everyone, including those that have committed crimes, liars, thieves. absolutely anyone can be a hero.

shouldn't we also award a few medals for not dying or killing?

Health Care Spending = 16% GDP
Military Spending = 4% GDP

of course, all the lunatics that moan about govt. spending and not it not capable of running anything conveniently forget that the US military is a government-run program...

since every single person living in the united states will require health care during their lifetime, and that there is no universal coverage for every citizen, this is a staggering statistic (see below)