Thursday, December 17, 2009

climate change in copenhagen

what idiot in brussels decided that copenhagen was the best place to get anything done?

if they all had gone to east africa, they would all have to forgo their comfortable hotels and running water like everyone else...they might have actually been uncomfortable.

i guess a lot depends on what you see when you get up in the morning.

Friday, December 11, 2009

nutty is alive.

it's me.

been absent from the blogosphere. moo_cho apologetti.

anyway. word of the day is:


as in american commentators being completely incapable of pronouncing foreign winter sports destinations. or anywhere else for that matter.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009


just wanted to say a big thanks to T-Mobile.

we switched our plan online to take advantage of online services while travelling in england last month, duly paying the $24.99 fee to avoid extra international charges.

imagine how happy we were when we reviewed our statement to find out that we had been charged the $24.99 fee plus over $500 for using our 'phones abroad.

the reason? the online changes applied only to 'domestic web' according to the T-Mobile customer service representative and two t-mobile managers. they explained that the option for selecting 'international web' use is buried another 3 pages from the main account page. not on the same page as domestic...

getting nowhere, we asked if we could elect to pay the balance on a payment plan. our response was "3 weeks"!

t-mobile. you'll get your money, but not in 3 weeks.