Wednesday, December 02, 2009


just wanted to say a big thanks to T-Mobile.

we switched our plan online to take advantage of online services while travelling in england last month, duly paying the $24.99 fee to avoid extra international charges.

imagine how happy we were when we reviewed our statement to find out that we had been charged the $24.99 fee plus over $500 for using our 'phones abroad.

the reason? the online changes applied only to 'domestic web' according to the T-Mobile customer service representative and two t-mobile managers. they explained that the option for selecting 'international web' use is buried another 3 pages from the main account page. not on the same page as domestic...

getting nowhere, we asked if we could elect to pay the balance on a payment plan. our response was "3 weeks"!

t-mobile. you'll get your money, but not in 3 weeks.

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