Saturday, May 31, 2008

Democrats Debate Seating Delegates From Two States

simple. don't.

1. they were told not to hold the primaries early.

2. they were told that they would have their delegates stripped if they did.

3. they did it anyway.

4. now they complain that it's somehow unfair.

5. if the voters want to vote republican in november, then let them. then strip both states of having any say in future democratic primaries. if they want to vote republican that much, reward them accordingly.

of course, being a bunch of prevaricating, dithering weak-willed pathetics, who are unable to keep a simple promise, they will seat half the delegates, and try and do the "right thing" to make some people happy. fucking ridiculous. what a betrayal to THE OTHER 48 STATES WHO DID ABIDE BY THE RULES...

where else can you deliberately break the rules and still get rewarded?

why is this even being debated?
there is no point of even having rules if you're going to change the outcome of breaking them?

hillary needs to stop her campaign after sunday and start serving her party's best interests, get behind barack obama and begin repairing some of the damage she's done.

"count my vote or count me out?" me!, me!, me!, me!, me!, me!

they don't deserve obama.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

memorial day weekend party

managed to survive (just) the drive back from south carolina.

(straight roads were o.k for marching roman armies, but that is one hell of a boring drive).

still, it was great to go down for andrea & redha's wedding. very pleasant indeed to walk into a very friendly & welcoming space for the 1 year anniversary party. easily the best music in d.c.

cheers to those that made it happen.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

oh no! Crystal skulls 'are modern fakes'


it's almost inconceivable how anyone could make george. w. bush look good, but Burma's military leader, Gen Than Shwe, has done the impossible.

1st pic: all those medals do look nicely polished.

2nd pic: the reality of the burmese government's shame.

3rd pic: and a a nicely choreographed photo-op, except i don't see too many thousand homeless people queuing up for the clean drinking water...

time to rename the united nations. i was thinking more appropriate along the lines of "what time's lunch?"

the UN secretary general obviously has a bit of a memory problem when it comes to hundreds of thousands of people left to fend for themselves, so here's a reminder:


UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon pledged to step up efforts to prevent another genocide at a ceremony marking the 14th anniversary of the mass slaughter in Rwanda.

Hovering over the ceremony at the delegate’s entrance to UN headquarters was the five-year conflict in Darfur which the UN says has killed more than 200,000 people and forced at least 2.5 million to flee their homes.

Eugenie Mukeshimana, who lost her husband and parents in the Rwandan genocide, told several hundred UN staffers that “the sense of loss that survivors feel is very deep”, noting that there are mothers in Rwanda who have no children, no home, no food and no medical care.

“They are still hoping that the future will be better not only for them but for future generations,” she said. “However, we are also concerned that what happened to us is happening now to mothers in Darfur, and it could be happening in the future if we don’t pay attention.”

Ms Mukeshimana, who was pregnant during the genocide and now has a 14-year-old daughter, then lit a candle in memory of the victims, surrounded by nine Rwandan children, symbolising the country’s future.

Rwanda’s genocide began hours after a plane carrying President Juvenal Habyarimana was mysteriously shot down as it approached the capital, Kigali, on April 6, 1994.

The 100-day slaughter, in which more than 500,000 minority Tutsis and moderate members of the Hutu majority were killed by Hutu extremists, ended after Tutsi-led rebels ousted the extremist Hutu government that orchestrated the killings.

The secretary general stressed that the United Nations – which did nothing to stop the genocide – “has a moral duty to act on the lessons of Rwanda”.

“That is why this day is also a call to bolster efforts to prevent another genocide,” he said. “It is a cause I am resolved to pursue, in my time as UN secretary-general and in the years beyond.”

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

staggering... China earthquake toll tops 40,000

we get used to hearing big numbers bandied about in today's news media, but the death toll from china's earthquake and the number of people homeless is impossible to contemplate for us leading our daily lives and watching tv, going out to get some food and coming home.

5 milion people homeless who once had somewhere to go.

and china thought the summer olympics was a world showpiece for how far it has come as a nation.

Monday, May 19, 2008

vintage rossi wins 90th grand prix in le mans

brilliant race.
rossi's win ties him with the legendary angel nieto for second all time wins in grand prix racing.
(the two did a victory lap on rossi's bike).

jorge lorenzo, who finished 2nd, gets the bravery award for riding with two fractured ankles...

motorcycle racing is just so boring compared to nascar...

Sunday, May 18, 2008

what a terrible day out...

daisy and i had to endure going to see some ducati motorcycles and talking to girls...

all in all, very miserable.

i don't think this girl was wearing granny knickers...

Thursday, May 15, 2008

what you can't see in any city...


you're looking at the center of our galaxy.

i took this image at our astronomy club's annual star party last year on a mountain in west virginia (hillary was not present).

a 59 second exposure at f/5.6. 17mm lens.

what's the matter? don't like it that other countries want to be like you?

Obama sorry for 'sweetie' comment

i call just about every single female i know 'sweetie', and nobody has ever taken offense. in fact, just the opposite.

it's a term of affection, is not demeaning, and is in standard use throughout britain.

2008 - year of god's love towards humans...

wow. guess he didn't like china lighting the olympic torch on everest...

does he have to be so bloody heavy handed?

spiteful fucker.

oh, and since he's obviously in a bad mood (obviously not getting laid) he's sending another cyclone to myanmar... why, because there's just not enough death, human misery, and suffering for him already?

what a complete bastard.

er, how about impressing us for a change?

instead of this:

how can natural disasters that kills tens of thousands of innocent people be signs from god?

so that means that if a large asteroid impacted the earth, it would cause a mass extinction, that too would be a sign from god, but there wouldn't be anyone around to worship jesus when he comes...

bit of a problem.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

clinton will win west virginia by 70% - 30%. if obama gets more than 30% it'll be amazing.


"West Virginia used to be solidly Democratic, until 2000, when George W. Bush surprised everyone by winning the state. How did he do it? Social issues -- abortion, gays, and most important, guns -- in a state where more than 70 percent of the voters own a gun"

PERFECT... and this is the demographic that perfectly suits hillary clinton?

yet another reason to vote obama.

want to get away?


Thursday, May 08, 2008

Burma's cyclone death toll soars

dumping dead bodies in rivers.

can't see any health issues there...

The US says it has not yet been given permission to fly aid into Burma - despite earlier reports that it had.

...i'm sure laura bush's scathingly critical remarks about the burmese government when she gave her press conference, have absolutely nothing to do with this...

it's not as if the world's richest nation, with her own husband as president, did a brilliant job with hurricane katrina.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Clinton blames OPEC monopoly

take a good long look at this map.

from: Commodity Online

INDIANA: US former first lady and Democrat President Candidate Hillary Clinton criticized OPEC for its monopolistic policies after oil broke the symbolic $120 a barrel barrier on Monday.

Speaking to reporters here, she said "They can no longer be a cartel, a monopoly that get together once every couple of months in some conference room in some plush place in the world.

"They decide how much oil they're going to produce and what price they're going to put it at," Clinton said.

"That's not a market. That's a monopoly," Clinton said, in her latest condemnation of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, as her campaign takes on an increasingly populist tone amid rising gasoline prices.

OPEC, which produces 40 percent of the world's oil, comprises Algeria, Angola, Ecuador, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Venezuela.

Clinton has said she would amend US anti-trust law to allow the United States to confront OPEC, and promised to tackle the group through the World Trade Organization, if she is elected president.

...the world's biggest consumer of oil of the past 50 years suddenly wants to change the rules of the game, and old desperately delusional granny knickers, who can't even manage the finances of her own campaign and will get 'hard working americans' to throw good money after bad at her (while the clintons still enjoy their huge fortune) thinks she can single-handedly change the marketplace just to suit america!!!

we never heard bill clinton talk about OPEC like that while president in the whitehouse, and it was business as usual when it suited america, and the almighty dollar ruled the world.

she is also completely and utterly wrong. OPEC only sets the production output, not the price.

i believe american born and bred wall st. commodity traders are very active in setting the price of oil futures (and therefore the price of gasoline), as well as other commodity traders around the world...nobody complains when it works to their advantage.

i didn't see any news coverage of incredibly cheap gasoline at less than $1 a gallon when i first came to this country, even when the the rest of the western world was already paying 3 times as much.

hillary cannot change this market, and she knows it. airlines, for instance, rely on the oil futures market to buy their oil for the upcoming months.

for someone that has spent more than a decade getting in and out of the back of chauffeur-driven limos, pretending that you're one of them, telling a crowd of blue-collared whites what they want to hear, doesn't make their reality disappear. rather it just gives a disingenuous false hope to all those that came out looking for something more.

Combat and Composure

David Brooks wrote an excellent Op-Ed piece in the new york times today:

Life is short, but campaigns are long. And during the course of them, each candidate will have impressive and pathetic moments. But underlying the highs and lows, there are the fundamentals. The fundamentals of the Obama-Clinton race were on display Sunday morning.

Hillary Clinton went on “This Week With George Stephanopoulos” incarnating her role as the first Democratic Rambo. The Clinton campaign seems to want to reduce the entire race to one element: the supposed masculinity gap. And so everything she does is all about assertion, combat and Alpha dog dominance.

A few questions in, Clinton rose from her chair and loomed over Stephanopoulos. The country hasn’t seen such a brazen display of attempted middle-aged physical intimidation since Al Gore took a walkabout on the debate stage with George Bush. It was like watching someone get elbowed in a dark alley by their homeroom teacher.

But her attempt to take over the show was nothing compared with her attempt to dominate the truth. For the first 30 minutes, she did not utter a single candid word, including, as Mary McCarthy would say, “and” and “the.”

She peddled her sham gas-tax holiday and repeated her attempt to blame Indiana’s job losses on outsourcing and Nafta. Stephanopoulos asked her to name a single economist who thinks a tax-holiday plan would work, and the daughter of Wellesley and Yale took the chance to shove the geeks into their lockers: “I’m not going to put my lot in with economists.”

When Stephanopoulos pointed out that Paul Krugman, a Times columnist, has raised doubts about the plan, Clinton lumped Krugman in with the Bush administration and said she wasn’t going to listen to the people responsible for the last seven years.

This wasn’t just shameless spin, it was shamelessness with a purpose. Clinton signaled that she wasn’t going to concede even an inch to the vast elitist conspiracy. She wasn’t going to feel guilty about ignoring the evidence. She was going to stomp on it, flay it and leave it a twisted mass of jelly quivering on the ground. She was going to perform the primordial duty of an alpha dog leader — helping one’s own.

Barack Obama gave off an entirely different vibe on “Meet the Press.” His campaign has been in the doldrums for the past few months. He’s never come up with an explanation about how he would actually transform politics, and his conventional substance is beginning to overshadow his unconventional style.

But, as Sunday’s contrast made clear, Obama still seems like a human being. He still seems to return each night to some zone of normalcy where personal reflection lives. He wasn’t fully candid when answering questions about the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, but there are some inner guardrails that prevent the spin from drifting too far from the truth. Thoughtful and conversational, he doesn’t seem to possess the trait that Clinton has: automatically assuming that critics are always wrong.

Obama still possesses his talent for homeostasis, the ability to return to emotional balance and calm, even amid hysteria. His astounding composure has come across as weakness in the midst of combat with Clinton, but it’s also at the core of his promise to change politics. He vows to calm hatred and heal division.

This contrast between combat and composure defines the Democratic race. The implicit Clinton argument is that politics is an inherently nasty business. Human nature, as she said Sunday, means that progress comes only through conquest. You’d better elect a leader who can intimidate. You’d better elect someone who has given herself permission to be brutal.

Obama’s campaign grows out of the longstanding reform tradition. His implicit argument is that politics doesn’t have to be this way. Dishonesty and brutality aren’t inevitable; they’re what gets in the way. Obama’s friend and supporter Cass Sunstein described the Obama ideal in The New Republic: “Obama believes that real change usually requires consensus, learning and accommodation.”

That’s regarded as na├»ve drivel in parts of Camp Clinton.

Campaign issues come and go, but this is a thread running through the race. One believes in the raw assertion of power, the other the power of communication.

They are imperfect messengers for their creeds. Clinton rails against “Wall Street money-grubbers,” but her policies are often drawn from the Wall Street wing of the party. Obama talks about postpartisan compromise in the abstract, but rarely in the particular.

Still, amid the storms of the presidency, their basic worldviews would shape their presidencies. Obama is instinctively a conversationalist and community-mobilizer. Clinton, as she says, will fight and fight. If elected, she’ll have the power to take the Hobbesian struggle she perceives, and turn it into remorseless reality. for chelsea, she works for a wall st. hedge fund, Avenue Capital Group. their speciality? distressed securities.

you know what distressed securities are? basically loans that are in default (often banks).

that's right. hillary's own daughter chelsea, works for a firm focusing on the very collatereralized debt obligation loans that are in part responsible for the credit crunch mess we're in now.

and while hillary was busy bashing wall st. speculators, as she talked about home foreclosures and the price of gas, she kept very quiet about the company her daughter works for, and how it makes its money.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

what do more than 200 economists, including 4 nobel prize winners have in common?

everyone agrees that old granny knickers and 'where am i, who am i talking about' john mccain's idea of suspending the gas tax is wrong. even her own supporters!

let's see if the majority of voters of indiana can see what's going on here.

i somehow doubt it...i suspect they'll lap up her words like a tired and thirsty dog at a dried-up bowl, because she's saying exactly what they want to hear.

hillary isn't president. so she can't magically suspend the gas tax, and instantly impose a windfall tax on the oil companies, and make them not raise their prices even if she was.


Monday, May 05, 2008

American Society of Civil Engineers opposes hillary clinton's idea of suspending the gas tax

yes, of course old granny knickers knows more about gas prices, roads, and bridges than obama...

why she even knows more than the American Society of Civil Engineers...

The American Society of Civil Engineers

ASCE is a supporter of the FAA re-authorization and of a temporary fix to the Highway Trust Fund which is expected to be insolvent by next year. ASCE, however, is an opponent of plans to suspend the gas tax for the summer, even if transportation dollars are replaced from other sources, and has waged a vigorous campaign to block its passage. The gas tax holiday was first proposed by Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) two weeks ago, but a proposed amendment to SAFETEA-LU technical corrections that would have imposed it was later withdrawn. Since that time, however, Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) has led a resurgence of interest in the idea, despite widespread opposition from the transportation community and economists. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has also indicated that she opposes the holiday saying, “There's no reason to believe that a moratorium on the gas tax will be passed on to the consumer.”

big america - small towns of lost children...

are americans really this fucking gullible?

do the 'undecided', and i include those superdelegates, really not know what will happen if they don't come out now for obama?

does this country really want a president that is sounding more and more like president bush, every time she opens her mouth. obliterate iran?

can the voters of indiana and north carolina even get past the last thing they saw on television?

can this country move on from the "i'll show obama" twat, rev. wright, and actually vote for a fresh face leading their nation or believe what they want to hear by an all-too familiar sounding bride of chucky doll?

i am reminded of some the opening lines in 'the city of lost children' as the clinton political machine says anything, does anything to get back into the whitehouse.

in case everyone's forgotten, it's obama's mother who was on food stamps...

who has stolen the child's dream?

the mad genius krank (clinton) in his (her) evil scheme.

to what vicious depths will (s)he not descend?

will the tale turn to tragedy...

or have a happy end?

Burmese storm toll 'tops 10,000'

no doubt about it. god sure loves us humans, especially the poorest.

do you think out of any of the thousands that died, some were actually praying to be saved...

was god bored or something on saturday?

after all, hurricanes are deemed 'acts of god'.

rossi wins in style in shanghai

the spanish dwarf, dani pedrosa, gave him an excellent race, finishing second, and actually managed to only look slightly miserable when interviewed afterwards.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Burma's storm toll 'nears 4,000'

90,000 people were reported to have been left homeless.

If the toll is confirmed, Tropical Cyclone Nargis would be the world's deadliest storm since a 1999 cyclone in India, which killed up to 10,000 people.

if this happened in arkansas, and they found a toddler alive it would of course be a 'miracle'.

the national arboretum
daisy & i got on our bicycles and went on a 32 mile bike ride yesterday to the national arboretum.


sadly, because john mccain's (big) federal government keeps cutting (wasteful) funding, they can't maintain the 415 acre site properly, expand, or even update their chronically antiquated website (it looks terrible), let alone provide a much needed educational role. all these things cost money.

thanks george.

john mccain might think $5,000 a second for a war in iraq is money well spent, but yesterday as we cycled around this great sanctuary in washington, d.c, daisy and i have to strongly disagree.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

the new mayor of london - boris johnson

Conservative Boris Johnson has been elected as mayor of London, ousting Labour's Ken Livingstone who had been mayor for eight years.

...change is always good, except in the case of george w. bush.

Friday, May 02, 2008

think gas is expensive over here?

this is what motorists pay in the u.k.

(the price is in british pounds sterling, and it's per litre. you need roughly 4 liters to make one US gallon).

at about $1.97 to the pound, a gallon would cost you $7.88 when this photo was taken.

average price for unleaded is now 110.50p, making a gallon $8.70.

that's why the woman in the photo is filling up a small car she's probably already owned for a few years, and is not freaking out, doesn't own a gun, pays a lot more tax, and when she gets ill, she simply goes to her doctor, or hospital (she may have to wait a while) but everything is paid for. with no limits.

image of saturn in ultraviolet light