Saturday, May 31, 2008

Democrats Debate Seating Delegates From Two States

simple. don't.

1. they were told not to hold the primaries early.

2. they were told that they would have their delegates stripped if they did.

3. they did it anyway.

4. now they complain that it's somehow unfair.

5. if the voters want to vote republican in november, then let them. then strip both states of having any say in future democratic primaries. if they want to vote republican that much, reward them accordingly.

of course, being a bunch of prevaricating, dithering weak-willed pathetics, who are unable to keep a simple promise, they will seat half the delegates, and try and do the "right thing" to make some people happy. fucking ridiculous. what a betrayal to THE OTHER 48 STATES WHO DID ABIDE BY THE RULES...

where else can you deliberately break the rules and still get rewarded?

why is this even being debated?
there is no point of even having rules if you're going to change the outcome of breaking them?

hillary needs to stop her campaign after sunday and start serving her party's best interests, get behind barack obama and begin repairing some of the damage she's done.

"count my vote or count me out?" me!, me!, me!, me!, me!, me!

they don't deserve obama.

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