Monday, May 05, 2008

big america - small towns of lost children...

are americans really this fucking gullible?

do the 'undecided', and i include those superdelegates, really not know what will happen if they don't come out now for obama?

does this country really want a president that is sounding more and more like president bush, every time she opens her mouth. obliterate iran?

can the voters of indiana and north carolina even get past the last thing they saw on television?

can this country move on from the "i'll show obama" twat, rev. wright, and actually vote for a fresh face leading their nation or believe what they want to hear by an all-too familiar sounding bride of chucky doll?

i am reminded of some the opening lines in 'the city of lost children' as the clinton political machine says anything, does anything to get back into the whitehouse.

in case everyone's forgotten, it's obama's mother who was on food stamps...

who has stolen the child's dream?

the mad genius krank (clinton) in his (her) evil scheme.

to what vicious depths will (s)he not descend?

will the tale turn to tragedy...

or have a happy end?

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