Sunday, February 26, 2006

ford innovation - new definition of what 'full-size' means

yes. the ford motor company, you know: the one 'committed' to new technology and hybrids, have this gargantuan gem coming to offer two fingers to the environment, and help further save the planet.

at 22 feet long, it's 8 feet longer than a ford focus...and 8 feet shorter than a london bus...

that's some committment, bill

Saturday, February 25, 2006

congratulations to scotland for

a greatly deserved victory. magnificent defense against our forwards. proving the six nations is a great tournament.

heroic effort.

valiant effort, italy.

scotland vs. england. 17:30 gmt (the 123rd meeting - the world's oldest international fixture!)

for live internet radio coverage.

the winter olympics have nothing on this game.

sacre bleu!

at the half, it's france 8 - italy 12!

if italy wins this game, it will be one of the all-time shocks in rugby

Friday, February 24, 2006

good luck against the french!

france vs. italy 14:00 gmt - stade de france

Thursday, February 23, 2006

beat this commentary from the figure skating.

"the difference between sasha cohen and everyone else is that they just skate 'romeo and juliet' sasha cohen is 'romeo and juliet'".

cheese and stupidity.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

'i wanna tell you a story..."

yes. please do. as a doctor who didn't practice after qualifying....?, you obviously made it as a respected scientist...

er; i'm having a few problems finding any of you peer-reviewed papers. must be a mistake or something. i'm sure karl rove or the national academy of archives will clear this up...

i'm waiting for the next blockbuster: "thorasic lark"

it's about a medical student who goes on to teach anthropology, and gets caught up with a vicious cheese syndicate. ruthless cheddar barons across the united states will stop at nothing to discredit established scientific claims that cheese is bad for your health.

only one man can stop these cheesy thugs; none other than biesch, himself!

no cheese

just in case you needed to know..

today's terror alert is "ELEVATED". i live in washington, d.c. (a few blocks from the whitehouse...) so this is probably more important for me than someone living in bakersfield, california. it hasn't escaped my notice that 'ELEVATED' appears as the colour of cheese...a decent cheddar by the look of it. hm.

my question to all of us in america is "how many people know what any day's threat advisory is?"

given that apparently america is facing a significant risk of a terrorist attack today, you'ld think it would be a little better known...

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

well done enrico fabris!

especially as all the talk was of who would get gold; davis or hendrick.

from the new york times:

"Few Biologists but Many Evangelicals Sign Anti-Evolution Petition…Some said they read the Bible literally and doubt not only evolution but also findings of geology and cosmology that show the universe and the earth to be billions of years old."

So let’s get this right; they doubt scientific evidence on evolution (the vast support for the theory of evolution by the overwhelming majority of biologists), astronomy (our Sun is around five and a half billion years old), cosmology (isotropy: very strong data showing that the sky looks the same in all directions to 1 part in 100,000. The existence of the blackbody CMB – showing that the universe evolved from a dense isothermal state), and geology (the grand canyon is not 4,000 years old!)

Exactly what scientific evidence are they willing to accept? I see that as scientists, their crucial skepticism is very much alive and well, apart from when it comes to their own beliefs, no matter what is put before them. beliefs that apparently change their view of the physical world.

If scientists are going to doubt and question everything that’s put before them, as sometimes scientists necessarily must do, then why do those discovery institute scientists so readily abandon the very bedrock of science, the scientific method, when it comes to an understanding of their own religious beliefs? they talk a lot about unanswered questions in darwin’s theory of evolution. well, how about those same scientists asking any questions in regard to challenging their faith? or isn’t that allowed….?

you can't make science fit your beliefs. the greatest strength of science is that it doesn't care about ideology, however uncomfortable that might prove, to anyone, and not just scientists.

Monday, February 20, 2006

what does nbc stand for?

the commentators watching the figure skating this evening must have been watching something different from what was being broadcast.

the russian pair totally deserved to win, and yet the commentators all reckoned the american pair had more energy. what rubbish!

now we know what does nbc stands for: non-balanced commentary?

Saturday, February 18, 2006

how big of nbc

to show 2 whole seconds of the south koreans getting their gold and silver medals in the men's skating, while interviewing apollo anton on finishing third....unbelievable.

what a shame that the best camera work i've ever seen, isn't matched elesewhere in the coverage.

the large hill ski jumping; wow! i like what the competitors say: it's best not to think....

randy the bonehead

er, anybody else watching the downhill wishing that the bonehead "randy", screaming at the gate for team usa, would "SHUT UP!" really had a positive effect on bode miller's run, didn't you?

and you wonder why there are people in the rest of the world with a negative view of americans.
hey randy; weren't you in jarhead?.....

a little bit of humility goes a long way.

on the upside, how on earth did bode miller not go down? it looked impossible in real-time, but absolutely mind-boggling in slow-motion. that camera is providing incredible views of what these skiers do at such speeds. he may not be winning, but this guy is impressing me at these winter olympics.

speaking of boggling, do you ever hear the word when it's not preceded by the word 'mind'? i mean; what other sorts of boggling are there?

usa bobsleigh team

nbc informs us that robert holcombe, of the usa 2-man bobsleigh team, has been twisting his ankle by slipping off curbs in the olympic village. curb(s)? you mean he's done it more than once?

nbc omitted to say whether holcombe had been hanging out with the jamaican bobsleigh team....

e-mail to nbc

dear nbc,

i am outraged that i find that there is actual olympic coverage interrupting very important adverts. every few minutes, there seems to be some sport coverage, before i can get back to tv, for the selling of chevy trucks and budweiser beer.

tv adverts deserve better!


washington, d.c.

Friday, February 17, 2006

top ten dick cheney excuses

10. Heart palpitation caused trigger finger to spasm
9. Wanted to get the Iraq mess of the front page
8. Not enough Jim Beam
7. Trying to stop the spread of bird flu
6. I love to shoot people
5. Guy was making cracks about my lesbian daughter
4. I thought the guy was trying to go 'gay cowboy' on me
3. Excuse? I hit him didn't I?
2. Until Democrats approve Medicare reform, we have to make some tough choices for the elderly
1. Made bet with Gretzgy's wife

the machinist

just watched 'the machinist' on dvd. highly recommended.

i give up

just what is going on with the men's figure skating outfits? you'ld think somebody would say something...

thanks, ronnie

just want to say a big "thank you" to ronald reagan for cutting the funding to the national endowment of the arts. this is the reason why the winter olympics coverage on non-publicly funded tv sucks so much.

given that there's almost no coverage for any winter sport other than figure skating, why does nbc believe people should want to watch the olympics now?

how about following world cup skiing for a start?

bbc tv rules. no advertising or sponsorship! imagine watching the whole men's or women's downhill skiing events with no adverts. i've done it, and it's great. seeing all the competitors really makes you appreciate the world's best when they perform. you don't need cheesy commentators wheeling out obvious lines. you can see for yourself and makes the event memorable. just showing those in contention is like watching a highlight reel without knowing the result - you see what's important, but miss the drama.

it doesn't matter if your nation finishes first, second or third. it's great when that happens, but that is not what makes the winter olympics so much more watchable than the summer olympics, yawn, yawn. (never has so much money been spent on sports to be watched by so few).

here's a simple question for american sports fans: when was the last time you watched a soccer match on either fox, nbc, or abc television? and we're talking 'footie' here (soccer); the world's number one sport.

thanks, ron.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

reply from inhd - hi def> to me

Dear Mark,

Thank you for your comments. We will take it into consideration for future programming.

Thank you.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

alright, biesch; this is getting out of order.

e-mail to inhd - the hi-def experience

why does your music suck so much? do your producers have enormous enya cd collections they feel they must share?

your choice of music does nothing to convey the drama of the environment portrayed. in fact it produces the opposite effect; it pacifies the viewer into boredom, and a desire to change the channel. which i've just done, to write this e-mail to you.

your great camera work is ruined by truly terrible music selection. hi-def? i wish i was deaf listening to what you include in your programming.

no game stamp on dick cheney's license.

"hey listen. as long as i've got my license properly stamped, nothing can possibly go wrong!"

"The New York state Senate and Assembly will soon be asked to consider legislation that would lower the minimum age for hunting deer with firearms from 16 to either 14 or 12".

that seems perfectly reasonable...i mean, something has to be done to stop all those 5th ave. deer from scaring the poor prada store shoppers. only a 'dick' would argue against that...

u.s. royalty plan to give windfall to oil companies...


where are the democrats?

what are they actually doing, apart from sending out annoying e-mails telling you to contribute to their party.

this country needs an alternative voice. something. anything.

how suprising

but visa doesn't take you if you fail...or get hurt. you know; just as in real life.

coca-cola and visa say they have no plans to use her after the olympics.

pity. i think she's a great ambassador. an individual with some actual class; a quality missing from most advertising horses.

Monday, February 13, 2006

guns don't shoot people...

dick cheney does!

"now how do i shoot the bastard?"

Sunday, February 12, 2006

apollo creed?

anyone watching the winter olympics short-track demise of apollo anton was surely reminded of that crazy race in salt lake city in 2002.

nbc just cannot help themselves with the cheese factor. i'm sure it felt pretty sweet for south korea to win the event.

you know, nbc, it's o.k. to show sporting events that don't feature your home country. in fact i'd say it's necesssay for a balanced view. i find it more than a little strange to see nbc's ethnocentric approach to such a world sporting stage. just compare the coverage of the korean victory in the speed skating to that of america's in the half-pipe snow boarding.

britain only really had success in figure skating (not really my cup of tea). it didn't really matter that we were pretty useless at everything else. we used to have a ski jumper called eddie "the eagle" edwards. he was terrible; never in contention, but he was very entertaining :)

bode miller, i thought was very honest, and definitely earned points when they interviewed him. when questioned, he said that even if he had skied his best, france's antoine denariaz would have won anyway. respect.

the 2006 anti-grammity awards

in an effort to stem the cheese, here's the top five music awards for worst cheese:

1. we belong together (in a cheese factory) - jim carrey

2. feel good (consuming cheese) inc. - gorrilaz feat. a delorean

3. boulevard of broken (cheesy puff) dreams - green backs

4. gorgonzola girl - whiffey

5. macaroni filler - kayne west

note: any similarity between this list and the top 5 grammy awards is purely intended.

things you don't expect to see..

a segway battling with a snowstorm at 3:20am on a saturday night in d.c...

thunder snow!

yep. at 12:45am, here in d.c. where it's still snowing heavily, we heard a big thunderclap. i think that's pretty rare, since i can't even remember the last time. didn't see the lightening bolt though.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

mardis gras? great party...

mardis gras is all set for next week in new orleans. one question for the organisers of this year's 8-day party: exactly what are you celebrating, right now?, and for the party-goers: er, is this your idea of a good time?

i can't think of anything more disrespectful to the still, large numbers of displaced residents of new orleans. this city needs to re-establish its economy. whatever happens, it won't be a party...hordes of drunk people don't a good party make.

throw a party when you've got something to celebrate.

happines is:

...placing an order with chemical...

let it snow.....

bravo! italy.

bravo! italy, for a great game of rugby.

listend to the game on bbc radio. the final score of england 31-italy 16, doesn't reflect the drama of the game.

everyone in england, (and nutty) will be rooting for you when you step onto the field of the stade de france, to face the french.

bbc top gear - thursday on dicovery channel


sister wendy rocks. she is a benedictine nun in england, they got a nun to drive over a line of cars in britain’s biggest monster truck. sister wendy has never even seen a monster truck before…. this drag-engined vehicle makes 20 times the power of her small car. and she did it….

the granny sports car doughnut challenge…5 grannies burn rubber. 80 year old sadie: great doughnuts, girl.

jeremy clarkson’s attempt to drive a landrover up a mountain that no car had ever been up before. forget the stupid tv ads for suv’s. this was the real thing. he got stuck.twice. but he and the landrover did it.

the middle-aged man driving a soft-top wig test. just how fast could he go before the various different wigs blew off..

the game of conkers with old caravans on hoisted on huge cranes. I liked the the line, as they wear safety goggles- “with these on, I feel perfectly safe now being hit in the face by a caravan” awesome.

however, the top award goes to the guy who built a hillsprint car in his kitchen and to get it out, cut a hole in his wall…while his neighbours looked on in disbelief.

...oh, and a bunch of supercars .

to sum up: mad dogs and englishmen out in the midday sun.

15:30pm gmt. - opponent: italy

"swing low....."!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

biesch festival

the mates will have to check biesch's passport!

the grammys

no comment necessary.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

this is not a joke. i repeat; ned flanders is a closet gamer

yes; it's the bible game!

what a reviewer said
: "The game has an attractive cartoonish quality to the graphics and menus.

The game presents Bible trivia and mini games in a game show like setting ( Think Jeopardy etc. )
The questions can be adjusted for difficulty making the game accessible to a wide rage of ages and knowledge levels.
Really fun sound effects and great music like Toby Mac and Newsboys give it top marks audio wise.
The mini games, like Noah's Ark, David and Goliath etc, add very entertaining action segments to the game giving a very balanced mix of trivia and action challenges.

That said, this game is just plain fun. It's challenging, but not frustrating. You'll laugh allot and most likely improve your knowledge of scripture at the same time. It's a win- win."

a comment from the reviewer's homepage: other than daily bible study, i mainly like to read for enjoyment....other than that, i dig creation science and art stuff."

hey ned, that's fandiddlerific! no okily-dokily kidding. what the gumdrops is going on with this reviewer?

i mean, this review is a nothing more than a dilly of a pickle. anyone not listening to billy grahams cassettes will find themselves in a rhubarb of a pickle of a jam with this game.

catch you later, computater!

Monday, February 06, 2006

31 days in iraq - how was america's january?

in january, 10 us soldiers were killed as a result of the insurgency in iraq.

however, in the same month, more than 8oo security officers and civilians also died. if this staggering statsistic doesn't demonstrate that this 'war' is nothing other than a monstrous policy failure, i don't know what does.

seeing that scores more are wounded than killed, this 'war' is exacting a terrible legacy for the future. a soldier and his or family must face the ugly possible realities of death and injury from actions of war the moment they enlist. civilians are afforded no such moment.

why is this even being called a war in iraq? - when i went to school, we were taught that wars were waged between two or more armies. this is an occupation, not a war. insurgents aren't any part of iraq's army operating under the directions of its government

bush: "we are in this fight and we are winning" -
by what measure are you winning?

perhaps he could wipe that rat-like smile off his face by going and telling that to the families of all the iraqis. just how are you making their living world better?

Sunday, February 05, 2006

the devil rides out

perhaps the religious right should adopt a different strategy for brainwashing, sorry, i mean , saving heathen sinners.

just take a butchers at keith richards, who'll be appearing in todays superbowl xl (how appropriate) half-time show.

i mean, how is he still living? does his continued existence not only prove that satan actually exists, thereby proving the existence of god, but that even today, he's still making highly questionable deals with seriously ageing rock stars.

o.k. my argument it may not be accepted as scientific proof, but it's gonna be for very hard for those folks at the discovery institute in seatlle (GO STEELERS!) to prove that it is not intelligent in its design...

my idea of a superbowl half-time show

ali g interviews george bush...

a good start to the six nations for england and a weak start to superbowl sunday

england 47 - wales 13

: what's the difference between the nfl and rugby?

A: the game's organisers don't like bad weather. the gridiron becomes a girl's curlers when it comes to the weather for superbowl.

letter to the pittsburgh steelers

dear bill and the whole 'steelers organisation.

check out my photo!

on the eve of superbowl sunday, let me first wish you, jerome bettis, and the entire 'steelers organisation the best against those seattle pidgeons. It goes without saying that i'll be making a lot of noise, rooting for you guys. there is some good news, though, and it doesn't involve saving 15% or more on your car insurance with geico. I am available for training camp to try out as a positional short yardage/ goal-line specialist.

my name is chunky, and I want to be on your team. while I acknowledge that stats-wise, I may appear somewhat undersized, once you see my giant paws, you'll realize that only a fool for a man would try and make me 'tikki barber' the ball (makes my fur bristle at the very idea!)

i don't have any contract limitations, but I am a bit mischievous (we can work something out with my agent, relax; it's not t.o's idiot) hmm; are bananas on the banned list of performance-enhancing substances? If not, they certainly should be.

I've been practicing a lot, including my own touchdown celebration. but enough monkeying around; here are my stats.

max. height: 8¼"

weight: ¼ lb

arm span:10¼" (pretty impressive)

biceps: 3"

thighs: 3½"

waist: 8½" (yes; I'm sturdy)

paw span: 1½"

yes. I'm built.

"jungle rules!"

please contact my agent for more information, and any free tickets you, er, might find...

yours sincerely,


go steelers!

Friday, February 03, 2006

the poor need not apply

how nice of the bush administration to trim $4.8 billion from the medicaid program for the poor and disabled, by in part increasing co-payments and reducing payments for pr.escription drugs.

On Sept. 15, speaking from New Orleans's Jackson Square, President Bush was eloquent: ''As all of us saw on television, there is also some deep, persistent poverty in this region as well,'' he said. ''We have a duty to confront this poverty with bold action.

like they say; you get what you pay for...

and this is after years of cutting into social programs...this comes just ONE day before today's:

``I think making the tax cuts permanent is the surest way to bring more investment in our economy to create more jobs and a stronger economy,'' newly elected House Majority Leader John Boehner told reporters before meeting with other Republican leaders to set an agenda for the coming months.

and this:

Bush Request Would Push War Total to $440Billion...

like they say; you get what you pay for...

Thursday, February 02, 2006

"this nation is addicted to oil..."

judging by the 26 vehicle motorcade for george bush that halted rush-hour traffic in d.c this morning, i'd have to agree.

that's without the large retinue of police cars shutting the whole of 16th st, and the police helicopter that spent an hour flying over the route beforehand.

i'm fairly certain that none were running on ethanol...

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

as the n.r.a. says: guns don't kill people...

postal workers do...

from the new york times: "A woman who had left her Postal Service job because of psychological problems shot and killed five former colleagues and critically wounded another at a sorting plant here Monday night before fatally shooting herself, the authorities said Tuesday".

i can't think of any other product, designed solely for killing, that is allowed to be sold to anyone without a criminal record, and the government does nothing to stop its use. in fact it does everything in it's power to protect the industry, by allowing bans to expire; that sort of thing.

now if that isn't criminal, and insane, i don't know what is!