Sunday, February 12, 2006

apollo creed?

anyone watching the winter olympics short-track demise of apollo anton was surely reminded of that crazy race in salt lake city in 2002.

nbc just cannot help themselves with the cheese factor. i'm sure it felt pretty sweet for south korea to win the event.

you know, nbc, it's o.k. to show sporting events that don't feature your home country. in fact i'd say it's necesssay for a balanced view. i find it more than a little strange to see nbc's ethnocentric approach to such a world sporting stage. just compare the coverage of the korean victory in the speed skating to that of america's in the half-pipe snow boarding.

britain only really had success in figure skating (not really my cup of tea). it didn't really matter that we were pretty useless at everything else. we used to have a ski jumper called eddie "the eagle" edwards. he was terrible; never in contention, but he was very entertaining :)

bode miller, i thought was very honest, and definitely earned points when they interviewed him. when questioned, he said that even if he had skied his best, france's antoine denariaz would have won anyway. respect.

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