Friday, February 17, 2006

thanks, ronnie

just want to say a big "thank you" to ronald reagan for cutting the funding to the national endowment of the arts. this is the reason why the winter olympics coverage on non-publicly funded tv sucks so much.

given that there's almost no coverage for any winter sport other than figure skating, why does nbc believe people should want to watch the olympics now?

how about following world cup skiing for a start?

bbc tv rules. no advertising or sponsorship! imagine watching the whole men's or women's downhill skiing events with no adverts. i've done it, and it's great. seeing all the competitors really makes you appreciate the world's best when they perform. you don't need cheesy commentators wheeling out obvious lines. you can see for yourself and makes the event memorable. just showing those in contention is like watching a highlight reel without knowing the result - you see what's important, but miss the drama.

it doesn't matter if your nation finishes first, second or third. it's great when that happens, but that is not what makes the winter olympics so much more watchable than the summer olympics, yawn, yawn. (never has so much money been spent on sports to be watched by so few).

here's a simple question for american sports fans: when was the last time you watched a soccer match on either fox, nbc, or abc television? and we're talking 'footie' here (soccer); the world's number one sport.

thanks, ron.

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