Monday, March 31, 2008

thrilling moto gp 250cc race in jerez

nascar fans can only dream of watching a race like this.

pity speed would rather have pre-pre-pre nascar race analysis than show the great 125cc races. oh yeah, that and pick-up truck racing :(

as for world's a shot

fat americans, and their boring fucking nascar...

this is what the girls look like at bike races :)

Saturday, March 29, 2008

"i misspoke" - now there's a new term...

here's a photo of her "misspoke" of the event in question.

On March 17, at a speech at George Washington University, Clinton spoke about a terrifying mission to Tuzla, Bosnia that she had undertaken on behalf of her husband, the then-president, in March 1996.

"I remember landing under sniper fire," she said. "There was supposed to be some kind of a greeting ceremony at the airport, but instead we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to our base."'d think you'd remember very vividly sniper fire being present or not and your teenage daughter standing next to you, to say nothing of the little 8 yr old girl and the smiles on everyone's faces.

"keep your heads down, everyone, there's a sniper taking pot shots at us!"

"and what the fuck are you doing just standing there, chelsea? you have to become a valuable member to society and work for a wall street hedge fund in a few years! run for it!"

Friday, March 28, 2008

heathrow's new $8.5 billion terminal 5 problem areas identified

...they should have got the germans and japanese to build it and work it.

British Airways - fucking about with the red carpet, hand shaking, and press bollocks for the queen, instead of making sure the thousands who actually used the bloody thing had a pleasant experience the first time it opened for business.

of course, there is the "concorde room" for first class passengers...

but if you're not one, you got this...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

john mccain speaks out about the housing crisis

Mr. McCain spoke at some length about the problems caused by lenders and by Wall Street, which bundled mortgages into securities that were chopped into pieces and resold to investors in the United States and abroad. But he did not call for any kind of legislative or regulatory measures to fix those problems, other than to say that the government should eliminate obstacles to the ability of financial institutions to raise more capital.


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

hillary clinton says she has never used marijuana or cocaine...

but she didn't deny that she'd been hitting the 'joker' pill bottle...

Monday, March 24, 2008

Saturday, March 22, 2008

a tale of two speeches

there were two speeches given this week.

one by a man who would be king. the other by a man who spoke with an eloquence, honesty, and insight rarely seen in politics in america.

obama's speech on race was the best i've ever heard a politician give in this country.

that it was written by himself only demonstrates the vast chasm that differentiates the two.

it's a shame we will have to wait until november.

... no wonder bush had tears welling up at the end of his tired spiel we've all heard before and nobody believes.

and no wonder the republicans were turning out in their tens of thousands to vote for hillary in the texas and ohio primaries as conservative talk show host rush (i obtained illegal prescriptions of oxycontin and orally addictive opiates) limbaugh had asked them to do.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bush speech hails Iraq 'victory'

he said the world was a safer place because the US had acted...

5 years on...

march 19th marks the 5th 'anniversary' of the american invasion of iraq in 2003.

since then it has lasted almost as long as world war II and has cost almost as much.

amazingly, for the 'world's greatest nation', only one of its original aims, the overthrow of saddam hussein, has been acheived.

of the others, one was never going to be obtainable, since there never were any weapons of mass destruction to be destroyed, and success in bringing democracy to the middle east is as good as your next suicide bomber. we just don't have 'em over here, do we george?

conservative republicans still think that victory in iraq is within their grasp. perhaps it is because they are the ones isolated from all the death, chaos, blood, personal loss, grief, anger and destruction that iraqis have witnessed since the american invasion.

i'm sure a few suicide bombers in d.c, new york, and crawford, texas, etc. would have people squarking...not to mention a few "breaking news" CNN reports...unlike the almost daily repetition of violence in iraq that civilians have lived with.

this past monday, vice-president dick cheney came to baghdad and talked about "the phenomenal improvement in security". that day more than 60 iraqis were killed in bomb attacks...i wonder how iraqis felt about this statement. perhaps they viewed it with the same misty eyed romanticism as they did george bush's remarks about being a soldier on the front line in afghanistan.

"It must be exciting for you ... in some ways romantic, in some ways, you know, confronting danger. You're really making history, and thanks,"

romantic? yes. it must be very romantic knowing that your enemy is trying to kill you with IED's at every available opportunity while you're away from home not knowing if you will make it back. must be very romantic being shot at and having your mates killed and wounded.

the so-called war on terror has done real damage to america's reputation. the united states state department can hardly be taken seriously when it criticises other countries in their use of torture, when its very own president vetos a waterboarding bill after the the world has been shown the disturbing images coming out of abu ghraib prison, and continues to operate guantanamo bay, a military prison, detaining prisoners who are not protected under the geneva convention.

the democracy in the middle east you call for is really hypocrisy, and the rest of world knows it.

Monday, March 17, 2008

JP Morgan are sending champagne to the following:

let me get this right.

the federal government is using taxpayers' money to help a wall st. bank buy another wall st. bank at a bargain basement price, when it has done nothing to regulate those very same institutions that are responsible for the credit crisis and risky mortgages being sold to the general public that got banks like bear stearns into trouble in the first place.

ten cases of cristal each. tax deductible as expenses, of course.

i presume the bear stearns ceo is going to give back the $30 million (excluding his $14.8 million bonus) he earned in 2006 from the selling of subprime mortgages to all the people that have had their homes foreclosed directly linked to his bank's activity.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

lewis hamilton wins mad australian grand prix opener

what a mad race.

six ferrari engined cars, none finished...

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Six Nations 2008

the biggest sporting event today is NOT happening in the united states.

kickoff 5pm, GMT.

millenium stadium, cardiff

wales need only stop france winning by more than 19 points to claim the six nations title, but all thoughts are on a home win and grand slam in cardiff.

sorry rehda, but nutty's got to root for wales here.

update: wales 29 - 12 france

wales' 10th grand slam was secured 100 years after their first. you think home fans were celebrating a bit last night...?

Thursday, March 13, 2008

elliot spitzer to undergo lip replacement surgery

and on this day in history...

march 13th 1940, clyde tombaugh, using a special wide field camera at the lowell observatory in flagstaff arizona discovered what was thought to be the long-sought so called “planet x”. well that’s when they announced the discovery to the world. he actually discovered it on february 18th.

it was disappointly faint, a thousand times dimmer than the dimmest object visible to the naked eye, and presented no discernable disk.

the planet was named after Pluto, the mythological roman god of the underworld – and NOT the fucking dog of disney fame…

the name "Pluto" was suggested by venetia burney, an 11-year-old english school girl who is still living in england as of 2007, and who therefore lived to see the reclassification of Pluto as a dwarf planet. it won out over numerous other suggestions partly because it was named after the Roman god of the underworld (who was able to render himself invisible) and because percival lowell's initials PL formed the first 2 letters. the name Pluto was officially adopted on 1 may 1930.

i wonder what intellectual wonders an 11-year old would name a planet today...high school musical?


in a 1 in 365 coincidence, the planet uranus was also discovered on this date by sir william herschel, all the way back in 1781.

i have actually seen this planet naked eye from a remote mountain dark sky observing site in west virginia. you have to use what's called 'averted vision' and even then it blinked in and out of sight. daisy & i would never have seen it at all if someone who was observing the planet with his telescope hadn't pointed it out to us.

uranus was the first discovery of a planet made using a telescope.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

elliot spitzer's 'apology'

it's anything but an apology.

if he's sorry about anything, it's that he got caught.

i don't see any press conferences of politicians wheeling their humiliated wives to stand next to them in front of a frenzied media BEFORE they were caught...

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

it's 3am and your children are asleep...

it’s 3am, your children are asleep.

it’s room service at the mayflower hotel

it’s kristen.

...and it's just turned valentine's day.

...and you have no idea there's a wiretap.

... and you are the governor of the state of new york!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Qatar MotoGP - first ever grand prix at night.

the first ever grand prix at night produced a great 250cc race, with mattia pasini winning a thrilling opening race (speed didn't show the 125cc race - obviously toyota winning a nascar race was much more exciting...).

casey stoner looked ominously like the winner he did last year riding a ducati that just seems too good with a great rider on board. he won and only jorge lorenzo, moving up from the 250 class to moto gp was anywhere near him at the finish line.

james toseland, britain's only rider in moto gp finished in a very respectable 6th, just behind my man rossi.

Friday, March 07, 2008

brett favre retires

i never enjoyed watching a quarterback play the game more than brett favre.

in a sport full of prima donnas, he was the refreshing opposite.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

there's something clearly wrong with voters in texas & ohio...

you were taken in by a fear-mongering ad that the republicans would use (who would you want to answer a red phone at 3am...?). fucking disgraceful.

show us your fucking tax returns.

whitewater, anyone?

yes, the oval office. the same one that your husband "didn't have sexual relations with that woman" in- by the way, where was bill, last night? all the other candidates had their spouses on stage...

remember this, texas and ohio?

Saturday, March 01, 2008