Saturday, March 22, 2008

a tale of two speeches

there were two speeches given this week.

one by a man who would be king. the other by a man who spoke with an eloquence, honesty, and insight rarely seen in politics in america.

obama's speech on race was the best i've ever heard a politician give in this country.

that it was written by himself only demonstrates the vast chasm that differentiates the two.

it's a shame we will have to wait until november.

... no wonder bush had tears welling up at the end of his tired spiel we've all heard before and nobody believes.

and no wonder the republicans were turning out in their tens of thousands to vote for hillary in the texas and ohio primaries as conservative talk show host rush (i obtained illegal prescriptions of oxycontin and orally addictive opiates) limbaugh had asked them to do.

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