Saturday, February 11, 2006

bbc top gear - thursday on dicovery channel


sister wendy rocks. she is a benedictine nun in england, they got a nun to drive over a line of cars in britain’s biggest monster truck. sister wendy has never even seen a monster truck before…. this drag-engined vehicle makes 20 times the power of her small car. and she did it….

the granny sports car doughnut challenge…5 grannies burn rubber. 80 year old sadie: great doughnuts, girl.

jeremy clarkson’s attempt to drive a landrover up a mountain that no car had ever been up before. forget the stupid tv ads for suv’s. this was the real thing. he got stuck.twice. but he and the landrover did it.

the middle-aged man driving a soft-top wig test. just how fast could he go before the various different wigs blew off..

the game of conkers with old caravans on hoisted on huge cranes. I liked the the line, as they wear safety goggles- “with these on, I feel perfectly safe now being hit in the face by a caravan” awesome.

however, the top award goes to the guy who built a hillsprint car in his kitchen and to get it out, cut a hole in his wall…while his neighbours looked on in disbelief.

...oh, and a bunch of supercars .

to sum up: mad dogs and englishmen out in the midday sun.

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