Monday, February 06, 2006

31 days in iraq - how was america's january?

in january, 10 us soldiers were killed as a result of the insurgency in iraq.

however, in the same month, more than 8oo security officers and civilians also died. if this staggering statsistic doesn't demonstrate that this 'war' is nothing other than a monstrous policy failure, i don't know what does.

seeing that scores more are wounded than killed, this 'war' is exacting a terrible legacy for the future. a soldier and his or family must face the ugly possible realities of death and injury from actions of war the moment they enlist. civilians are afforded no such moment.

why is this even being called a war in iraq? - when i went to school, we were taught that wars were waged between two or more armies. this is an occupation, not a war. insurgents aren't any part of iraq's army operating under the directions of its government

bush: "we are in this fight and we are winning" -
by what measure are you winning?

perhaps he could wipe that rat-like smile off his face by going and telling that to the families of all the iraqis. just how are you making their living world better?

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