Tuesday, May 06, 2008

what do more than 200 economists, including 4 nobel prize winners have in common?

everyone agrees that old granny knickers and 'where am i, who am i talking about' john mccain's idea of suspending the gas tax is wrong. even her own supporters!

let's see if the majority of voters of indiana can see what's going on here.

i somehow doubt it...i suspect they'll lap up her words like a tired and thirsty dog at a dried-up bowl, because she's saying exactly what they want to hear.

hillary isn't president. so she can't magically suspend the gas tax, and instantly impose a windfall tax on the oil companies, and make them not raise their prices even if she was.



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Mike Licht said...

On the other hand, Obama is counting on the intelligence of the American people, a proposition P.T. Barnum and H.L. Mencken find dubious.