Sunday, May 15, 2005

whatever happened to good sports commentators?

watched the orioles beat the white sox last night - in high def, of course. great game, but unbelievably bad commentary from the white sox station. i expect them to lean towards the home team, but at least call a decent game from the box. if you're going to question the umpire, and express your own interpretation on a play, then show the tv viewers the whole play! perhaps then all viewers tuning into the broadcast can decide whether to agree or not with your blatantly biased assessment. apart from that, the two guys in the boothe were boring, inarticulate, and downright crass.

i don't care about 12 year old jimmy's birthday (someone sent a letter in - possibly the boy's parents) "we're all thinking of ya, buddy" i do care that the people in charge of letting me know about the game unfolding have something better to say than the diatribe these guys came up with. "go on, you can do it"; ""5-2 to the good guys"- you'ld never get this on the bbc....or even on the orioles coverage. made "our guys" look consumately professional, which they are, even when a play goes against the home team, and that's what good commentating is all about!

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