Monday, August 07, 2006

a new world disorder - and disgrace

just when you thought that the world was crazy enough as it was, a new word has been ushered in by our courageous western leaders: 'sustainable'

it is incredulous to think about what is going on with bush at the helm of US America. Bush's 'green light' to Israel is the sickening display of an emporer gone mad with self-belief. Bush will go down in history not only as the worst ever elected president, but an individual hell-bent on a course of bringing fascism to the fore in the early years of the twenty-first century.

the post-war world today is now more unsafe because of george bush than it ever was prior to him being elected into office. one doesn't have to dwell too hard on terrorism, just have a look at the latest madness to befall the united states of america:



this is utter madness. it means that if a teenager breaks into someone's home to steal their x-box, the owner can legally shoot and kill him without being subjected to prosecution. that's right; personal property is more valuable than human life. as much as i wouldn't want some bugger nicking any of my stuff, i don't want, or need, to kill him for it.

this is all a bit rich coming from the bush administration who will stop at nothing to protect the 'rights' of an unborn fetus, that wants to prohibit stem-cell research, and has made it a federal crime to cross state lines carrying a teenager to an abortion clinic. it is utterly amazing how little value that 'life' assumes once it actually becomes born...

and tony blair - you are indeed nothing more than the puppet poodle of an idiot: the world's most dangerous idiot at that.

before this latest conflict in the middle east, we associated the word 'sustainable' with forests.

United Nations - what a limp-wristed, overlunched bunch of sell-outs.

george bush. leader of the free world, my arse.

he has done more to damage america's image and goodwill in the world than any other single being.

osama bin laden must be laughing and toasting w's health with every passing day.

'bring em on!' - just how many more civilians have to die for you?

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