Thursday, July 26, 2007

an uncomfortable truth

so it turns out some sports heroes aren't so heroic after all.

cycling isn't alone. for anyone naive enough to believe that cycling is somehow tainted more than any other sport is living in a dreamworld. it's just that in cycling they test more often and without warning and the riders have no say in the process (baseball)

too much money, too much expectation. build up the role of the sporting hero, market them for all the might dollar is worth and let the companies cash in.

we sit at home and watch human beings achieve that which we could not. 50 years ago there wasn't any clever science in sport, sure there was cheating, but whatever cheating was going on was pretty elementary, and whatever was going on wasn't because of a clever doctor. now look at what our knowledge has enabled us to do.

does anyone watching the nfl & nba think these athletes are clean? because how does the human body put on so much mass over such a short time...

what's the difference between cycling and bud selig's steroid era baseball?

...i'd say just about everything you can think of.

in professional cycling, we have guilty unless proven innocent. this is the metric that all professional sports should now follow if they really want to be taken seriously as anti-drug.

let's see bud selig, roger goodell, & david stern have a press conference announcing this.

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