Tuesday, January 08, 2008

nutty endorses obama for president

...that should seal the deal.

ruling out any republican candidate, since all they can talk about is border security, illegal immigration, faith and tax cuts, we look to the democratic party to give us a new perspective.

john edwards: of all the candidates, i like what he says the most, but he won't get the votes he needs. bush didn't get voted into office by the rich, he was voted into office on promises of tax cuts by all those who aren't rich that wanted more money in their pockets. twice. americans are greedy and they have very short memories (katrina & new orleans - republican supporters)

everybody who voted for bush can pat themselves on the back for what they have personally done for the united states and everyone living in it, especially those less fortunate than themselves. best not to dwell on environmental issues too much, either.

hillary clinton: two things hillary. one; if someone asks a question about your hair, don't respond with an answer about this election being about this nation's future children. this election is about you and me, and everybody else in the country, right NOW. she won't be making any decisions when those children she talks about are old enough to be conscious of her. two: i wish she'd stop talking as if she was already president..."when i'm president..." a little presumptuous.

barack obama: i think he'll make a great statesman. he speaks of unity, and you when he addresses people, instead of himself. something this country sorely needs.

i predict obama wins in tonight's new hampshire primary by at least +15%

...of course, i had not taken into account that new hampshire residents don't pay any state income tax, and it doesn't have crash helmet laws...all very unreasonable.

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