Sunday, July 27, 2008

carlos sastre and team CSC win the tour de france


team CSC - wow!

the best sporting event on television this year has just come to a close, and most americans didn't watch a single second of it.

in protest, i will not be watching the bejing olympics.


winerunr said...

I would agree that the Tour is the best overall sporting event that is televised every year. If more Americans had access to the Versus cable network they would become fans as I have become. Just for the wonderful heliocopter shots of the course and of the amazing scenery of France it is well worth watching. Since so many Americans are fat or out of shape perhaps they cannot stand to watch 190 fit bikers ride over 100 miles a day through all types of conditions. Just do to a casual century on a weekend for an average biker is a worthy accomplishment.Vive Le Tour!

nutty said...

yep. you nailed it. i've watched the tour since channel 4 started covering it in england a long time ago.

amazing that even when lance was winning every year, still almost everyone i spoke to hadn't ever watched the tour.

brilliant tv, and all the people watching on route don't have to pay.