Wednesday, February 18, 2009

your future - brought to you by the american people who put him in office..TWICE

republican = tax cuts. just ask californians, whose republican governer can't even get his own party to support him in an effort to balance the budget.

that's it.

welcome to a new era.

i predict that the S&P will go down to 650, and the DOW will tumble to 6,500 before we emerge from the greatest financial crisis since the great depression.

just think about that. greater than a world war and the oil crisis, and 9/11.

it's the great unwind of credit-created assets and wealth, deregulated financial markets, and an ideology that simply has been proven wrong.
free markets clearly don't work without a government protecting the interests of the taxpayer.

obama can't 'mend' the economy in an instant, just like we didn't get here in an instant. the only difference is that this time, everybody will feel the impact. and it's going to take time.
only this time you will be paying.

in 4 years time, when it's time to re-elect, remember how successful tax cuts and 8 years of a republican president has worked out for you.

it could be worse...McCain could be your 'trickle down' president, right now.

the republican party looks so 20th century.
sorry, make that 18th century.

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