Saturday, May 09, 2009

e-mail to speed tv

dear sirs,

i have just had the grave misfortune to witness the AMA superbike and Sportbike race this past saturday.

it's hard to know where to start, so i'll try to be succinct.

without doubt, you are simply incapable of covering motorcycle racing on a national level.
apart from occasional annoying racing which interrupts the inane tv actually stopped the broadcast to interview jamie hacking. if he was jesus, sent down from above to save the world from my sins i wouldn't have wanted to watch this shit. also, do you really think it is a good idea to stop watching the racing so we can listen instead to some podgy, shirt-tucking cunt in a studio wearing a brown shirt? i guess at least the colour was right...

and who is the guy that sounds like he was recently caught running moonshine in the commentary box...such a plus.

but who am i to complain, since whoever paid for the producer's lobotomy obviously got his wish.

in a sentance: you have reduced 2-wheel racing to nascar.

one word sums up your AMA motorcycle racing coverage: CRAP.

in europe, they actually commentate on racing (without adverts).

please inform your presenters that ducati is not pronounced 'DooCahrdee'...

i understand that one doesn't always have to murder both the programme and the language at the same time...

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