Wednesday, March 01, 2006

climate change? - not on my watch!

The global scientific body on climate change is expected to report soon that emissions from humankind is the only explanation for major changes on Earth.

President Bush's chief adviser James Connaughton said recently that it was pointless discussing a safe CO2 level as we could not be sure how resistant the world would be to greenhouse gases.

Maybe we could double CO2 with impunity, or maybe we could increase it threefold or fourfold; the issue was not worth discussing, he said.

let's hope he's right, but recent performance by bush's crack team of an administration gets an F across the board. if it was a child, it would be stuck in the corner with a dunce's hat on it, and a note on it's back saying "kick me; i'm stupid"

undoubtedly, the issue is not worth discussing........!! er, just what is worth discussing?

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