Tuesday, February 13, 2007

the ten commandments

there's something wrong with them.

forget the morals.

shouldn't god's commandments stand the test of all time, and appeal to modern man's actual intelligence and knowledge as well as of that of 2,000 years ago?

i mean, how incredible (and much more believable) would it be to see an eleventh commandment written in the bible for everyone to see:

"oh, and by the way, thou shalt not exceed the speed of light"

this was asked by the truly great carl sagan (see photo above)

you know what, if i saw that written in the bible, that would make me think very hard indeed!, but it's not!

it's very convenient to claim salvation exists, but you have to die to find out...

in science, incredible claims, require incredible evidence. i'd say heaven (and hell) are incredible claims, backed up by absolutely no evidence whatsoever.

however much we might like to think they might exist, because it hurts when we lose someone close, but never when it's someone we don't know. our brains do a lot of complicated, funny things, like dreams, emotions, passions, rage, contemplations. none of these are real. yet we consider them. but step beyond mere considerations, and all of a sudden we require very real physical assurance backed up by scientific proof. want to try jumping out of a plane without a parachute, and a carefully packed one at that...?
anyway, why exactly does an-all powerful god need his little experiment (the entire human civilization) to worship him? that doesn't sound very omnipotent. i'm just one ordinary bloke. i don't need (or want) anyone to worship me...

oh, you know what, i forgot, i'm not suppose to ask questions either...

and as i read my newspaper and look at what's happening in the world around me, i don't blame adam and eve for eating an apple(and that's why all of humanity throughout of all of its history has had to endure such terrible suffering...?) - no; i'm pointing my finger squarely at you, and wondering what sort of god it is that enjoys what i'm seeing, and why this supposed omnipotent being, the creator of the universe, who managed to take a day off after creating the earth, doesn't pull his finger out of his ass, and get back to work again.

i'm sure there's a few people in baghdad, that won't die a horrific death tomorrow in some car bomb attack, that would exult you in the highest, if you acted right this very instant.

after all, you're god. you know very well that i'm typing this...


Amigo said...

It appears you believe neither in God or an afterlife. If this life is all there is, does anything really matter? So what if anyone dies in Iraq or Bush is an idiot?

If you're feeling confident in your beliefs, why not go over to Vox Day's blog? He's been intellectually slapping atheists all week.


nutty said...

how many questions do you want to ask in one response, amigo?

no, i don't believe in god.

no, i don't believe in an afterlife.

having being very nearly killed in a motorcycle accident, i've had a near-death experience. how bout you? exactly how close have you been to dying?

does anything really matter? that's not an issue for scientists to discuss. depends on what time scale and to whom you are referring.

if we we talking about a member of your familiy, and i was the only person nearby that could save them from a certain death, them i'd say yes. that's very important, i'd do everything possible to save them. as to the eventual heat death of the universe, that's a much tougher question to answer.

am i confident in my beliefs? yes, but that doesn't matter to me, you, or anybody else. beliefs are just that. they can be changed.

science doesn't care what i think either, so why should you. after all, i'm not the one on a crusade to save anyone's 'soul'.

what matters, is that science asks questions about how to explain the world around us. religion just wants to tell us what to do, and what not to do. make us feel guilty, and not ask any awkward questions. do this, do that, be saved. how bloody convenient! and if i'm wrong, don't for one moment think i'm going to stand before god listening to him give me a lecture on what i've done wrong. i've got a few things i'm going to say myself!-omnipotent being!

where would we all be if were not for science? how has mankind advanced through scrpiture?

ever been in a bad accident, amigo? it was doctors, not priests that sent you home, no matter how much praying anyone did.

anyway, i've heard christian music. it's unbelievably bad. i can't imagine being stuck in heaven listening to that crap. give me some full-on blokey tunes to enjoy with my mates and i'll be happy enough (even if it does geta little warm down there) - no harp music in my record collection!

and no, i don't have to 'slap' atheists. why should i, i am one. are you into self flagellation?. i understand the catholic church isn't exactly the paragon of virtue, either. i suggest you start putting their house in order, before you start casting your stones at the house of nutty.

ah, the catholic church. there's a real winner! last time i checked, there wasn't hundreds of legal cases of sexual abuse against children by atheists...

tell me, man of religion, what evidence would you accept that would prove you wrong?

the most amazing thing i can think of is the fact that my atoms have evolved to the point where they can consider themselves.

what's the most amazing thing you can think of? (and don't mention god).

having said all that, you might think i'm anti-religion.

i think it does a lot of good, especially in poor communities, where often churches serve as an extremely useful and helpful binding strength to those that have barely nothing. it's a tower of strength to them. i have no desire to take that away from them.

so i'm not anti religion, i'm just anti ramming it down our throats in this country christian style, like no other religion even matters....as in the tony dungy superbowl speech.

"If you're feeling confident in your beliefs, why not go over to Vox Day's blog? He's been intellectually slapping atheists all week"

i'll ignore your somewhat smug-ridden last paragraph, as if he speaks with cast-iron, bullet-proof certainty. - at best he and i are 50/50, except that i blog about a lot of different things.

let me ask you one very simple question: do you know where all the atoms came from that make up your body, and the blood that flows through your veins? you find out, come back, and let me know, and i'll check out vox day.

you answer me this question first, and i'll check out the 'intellectual slapper of atheists'.

i'm willing to let go of any of my long-held cherished beliefs if evidence to the contrary can be shown that puts them in their place. can you honestly really say the same, amigo?

because that is the answer i'm really looking for.

i'm a very reasonable man. i love these intellectual discourses. so please send the ball back with some mustard on it, mate :)

for as nmuch as i might disagree with you on points of view, i love the ability to publicly discourse matters where nobody actually gets hurt.

if only we could get governments to do this....