Friday, February 22, 2008

the blame game...

you've got to have a laugh...

to listen to the democrats, you'd think that the mess we're in right now was all bush's fault.

well last time i checked, a president had to be voted into office. that means that everyone shares in the responsibility. it's just that he's the one that doesn't have any excuses.

all those "good, hard working, american people" that i'm sick to death of hearing about right now... presumably the same ones that voted for bush (twice! can you believe that?) have only themselves to congratulate (sorry, fucking BLAME).

what else did you greedy, short-sighted so & so's expect from an oilman promising tax cuts and deregulation of industry. well? he was gonna make you, rich?

see all those foreclosure signs popping up in your neighborhood? you helped do that when you voted bush. the republicans want to dismantle government safeguards (and they've been very successful) remember that in november. this is what government is for, to help protect the people, in case you'd conveniently forgotten. and how is all that money doing that bush has given you in his tax cuts?

in november, everyone gets to have another chance. anyone voting for war and tax cuts this time around cannot possibly have ever physically spoken to a homeless person, have a moral conscience, earn under $50,000 a year, or live in a major metropolitan area, or not be a raging religious freak, who strangely sees the value of the unborn life, yet is utterly silent when it comes to the issue of poverty amongst children and adults in this country we call america.

supposedly the "greatest nation on earth"...

not by any international standards of health and education.

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