Thursday, October 16, 2008

joe (ke) the not-even registered to vote..not-licensed plumber.

and the best bit is that he owes Ohio back income taxes :)


he's a plumber that has never taken an apprenticeship.

he's not licensed to be a plumber (that means he isn't one).

he's not even licensed to be a contractor.

he's not registered to vote.

...and he's obviously NOT getting ready to buy a business that nets more than $250k a year.

...oh, and his home telephone number is unlisted.

and this is what john mccain holds up as his blue-collar, best small business bet to attack barack obama's tax policy...

of course, we must not be too fast to judge someone who makes more than $250,000 a year.

(as a plumber

congratulations, joe.

you are 'twat of the week.'

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Enchanting Sunshine said...

ROFL!!! What would we do without you? You rock!