Monday, January 05, 2009

2009: a new year of technical frustration begins...

Welcome to QuickBooks Sales Chat. You are now chatting with 'Madel'. I'll be your QuickBooks Business Consultant. How can I help you today?

Madel: Hi. Thank you for chatting with us today! May I have your name please?

you: i am a bookkeeper and run QB Pro 2007. i have a new client who runs QB mac 2006 (i think). he has joined with a company who runs QB Pro 2008. what version of QB will he need in order to access 2008 files on a mac?

Madel: I'll be happy to assists you with your concern!

Madel: You can access the 2008 file to QuickBooks 2009, however the Windows users need to have the same version of Mac to be able to access the files.

you: so he can access the existing 2008 QB pro (windows) files on his mac by buying 2 versions?

Madel: Yes that is correct!

you: what a rip off!

you: existing quickbooks customers now not only have to deal with your pointless yearly upgrades, but amazingly have to buy 2 more versions!

Madel: I do understand how you feel, if you really want to open the files into 2 different platforms then you really need to have 2 versions.

you: i doubt very much that you have purchased quickbooks for clients and had to go and tell them they have to upgrade...

you: why no mac version for 2008?

Madel: Our Product Development Team spend 2 years in giving a newer and better QuickBooks for Mac platform, that is the reason why we do not have Mac 2008.

you: newer & better is relative. certainly not from my & my client's perspective.

Madel: Would there be any other questions for me that I may answer for today?

you: to open a company file (a company having purchased 2008 pro) my new client now has to buy 2 more versions?

Madel: Will your client be staying on Mac platform or windows?

you: er...he's a mac user. why do you think i am writing this?

Madel: I will be right with you.

you: this is an impressive exchange...

Madel: Just want to clarify things so I can provide you your options.

you: my options look like buying 2 more of your products. yes?

Madel: Yes, if you want to be able to access 2008 files on a Mac.

you: so what other options are you talking about?

Madel: You can stay with Windows by just using one software.

you: he's Mac user!

you: i shall post this exchange on my blog.

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