Wednesday, January 14, 2009

the absudity of humanity in the 21st century

what is it about us humans that makes us so special/different from every other living entity on planet earth?

we seem capable of achieving incredible things:

intensive care units and the people, knowledge, and technology that today can save a human life.

touch-screen cell phones!, with streaming video, and the internet? - i watched star trek as a kid, and i'm pretty sure i didn't spot a single one.

and then of course, the same old shit: we are just seemingly incapable of not killing each other, because we hold different views.

global warming? - fuck global warming. if the human species wants to survive, we'd first better start to learn how to get along.

in case anyone hasn't noticed, we don't have anywhere else to go...planet earth is our ONLY HOME, for the foreseeable future.

...thanks, israel, for making the start of 2009 so fucking different.
you really are a bunch of cunts who, along with your enemies deserve to wipe each other out.

after all, isn't that exactly what you've both been doing since i was a kid, growing up, going to school, and watching star trek?

1,000 palestinians dead. and the west just wags it's flaccid finger in response.

the peace process is just too fucking predictable.

who the fuck believes there will ever be peace in the middle east?

cheers, god.

because if he exists, then he's biggest cunt of all time.

and for for all you christians, i'll tell him so if i ever get the chance (conveniently, when i'm dead, of course...)

but somehow, i rather doubt that.

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KML said...

OMG, wait hold the G! I thought my blog would be rated R for language, glad I am not the only one out there that tells it like it is/should be...