Friday, June 05, 2009

i'll be glad when this recession is over...

because we won't have to keep listening to all the fucking dreary, 'soothing', 'sympathetic', 'we understand', music that banks and everyone else selling financial services uses for their tv ads, where the sun is shining, individuals 'consider' thoughtfully, males gaze lovingly at photos of their 4 year- old - preferably female (never an unruly goth-loving male teenager with acne).

no, in this world the banks (that played a pivotal role in this recession) are so fucking caring & responsible, they are almost ready to send someone (good looking, of course) round to your front door with a check, just for you being so nice in 'these difficult times' (because we are all great americans). we're all in it 'together', not consumers laden in debt, that are now being forced to deleverage (the real truth)

except they are borrowing at 0%, and lending out at 5+%, all while being incredibly busy slashing everyone's credit card limits and charging them double the previous interest rate.
and you had better not have sizable savings locked up with them.

don't you just want to hug them?

still, nothing beats erectile dysfunction ads...
they don't mention the word "value" at all...strange, if you think about it.

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