Monday, June 29, 2009

record of the week

Firstly, I would like to apologize to my mate Nutty for taking so bloody long to make a contribution to a bloke's blog.  I plan on reviewing what I deem to be the best, most banging tune of each week.  Genres of music that will be represented include drum & bass, dubstep, breakbeat, electro (not the eyeliner bollocks but the proper dark stuff), techno, and anything with a thumping b-line.  Styles that will certainly not be featured include french pop, handbag house, celine dion, michael jackson, and anything that is best enjoyed with a glass of chardonnay.

Up first, is promiscuous dutch producer Nymfo's wicked "Surface Scan."  Out on Total Science's DeepKut label, this 12" represents the best in the new minimal style d&b.  Along with producers Commix, Data, Spectrasoul, and Electrosoul System, this is the most exciting sound in the scene right now. Deep, dark, spacious, inorganic, cold, yet funky as fuck.  Clever drum edits and proper breaks keep the percussion rolling (am I alone in tiring of looped 2 step beats?) and a morphing, twisted bassline ups the pressure.  The otherworldly fx and intermittent techy stabs add to the hypnotic effects of this track.  Let this one take you to the surface of a distant planet to search for inhospitable space creatures!  Completely ace.


nutty said...

this is a world first on a bloke's blog. i'm hoping that tanc will consider that i'm an equal opportunity blogger if he wishes to contribute.

cheers mate!

and definitely not a cunt.

tiernan said...

Thanks mate. Feels good to not be a cunt.