Friday, September 18, 2009

'Big Government' spending - continued...

this photograph, famous throughout the world would not have been possible were it not for government spending.

it's not just that government (federal, state & local) is responsible for the military, schools, hospitals, roads, trains, buses, bridges, infrastructure, zoos, police, firefighters, nurses and doctors. it provides a safety net for the unemployed, a functioning marketplace, and health care for the poor.

it is responsible for picking up your garbage and dealing with your sewage. it is responsible for giving you air to breath that isn't a toxic soup and providing clean drinking water.

it also is the reason why we have national parks that haven't been developed on...

sometimes it is responsible for making the impossible happen, like putting a man on the moon (and more importantly, bringing him home).

it also provides us with an incredible view of our world, and beyond:

government is far from perfect, but does anyone really want to return to the wild west (apart from the NRA).

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