Sunday, August 28, 2005

homeland security... the sad reality for ordinary people

considering the enormous financial investment, the government's never-ending selling of security to the nation through the media, and massive planning in the event of a direct terrorist strike - just what do the authorities really think they can do should the terrible happen?

here's a case where the entire city of new orleans has been provided days ahead with up-to-the -minute information, meetings have been timetabled and kept, plans implemented, and actions taken.

Gov. Kathleen Blanco said Interstate 10, which was converted Saturday so that all lanes headed one-way out of town, was totally gridlocked....

should a real terrorist strike occur, the large masses of people affected will inevitably do what humans have always done and will always do in situations of mass disruption: PANIC.

do the authorities really expect to be able to effectively evacuate our cities in a sudden emergency? and if so how? because gridlock a day later is not gonna do it.

am i the only one is completely unconvinced? katrina promises to bring a lot more real terror than the citizens of new orleans may or may not have feared from any Al Qaeda plot.

sobering as it is, we can as easily put it down to luck, just as anything else, that we will not be counted among the unlucky ones.

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