Wednesday, August 31, 2005

katrina victims - a place to stay

urging anyone with space available to help out those who have lost their home due to hurricane katrina and needs a place to stay.

while attention is understandably focused on those still in need of rescue, there must be many, many others who did manage to get out and need help. this posting is intended for all that have been displaced from their homes.

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katrina victims - a place to stay

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Date: 2005-08-31, 7:13PM CDT

we live in an apartment building in the center of washington, d.c. we don't have a spare room, but we do have our living space available for someone who is in need of a place to stay. this offer is open to anyone who has been displaced from their home due to hurricane katrina.

mark & rebecca
cell# 202-487-8228
cell# 917-304-5021

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