Tuesday, August 02, 2005


as i see it, raffy's either stupid or a liar. i don't really like either of these options, being a long-time raffy fan, but in the face of the positive testing, it's hard to arrive at any other conclusion. How do you test positive for a banned steroid?

while my personal thoughts must mean nothing to him, i'm sure that those of his family, his friends, his major league peers, those in congress who heard him testify, and last but not least, his fellow orioles team mates do. this reeks of clinton's line when confronted with monica, doesn't it?

as my girlfriend put it: "it's the american way". how sad.

while he can presumably do little to discount the evidence, he can stand up like a man, tell the truth, let everybody know just what he did take that would test positive, admit what he's done, and then retire. that way, raffy will leave the game not quite the sad, desperate hypocrite he appears now. 10 game suspension? major league baseball should take a leaf out of professional cycling's book.

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