Tuesday, October 25, 2005

and on this day..

rosa parks dies. . americans across the country should be proud of you.

throws the disgusting failure of the federal government in response to katrina for new orleans's poorest even more poignent.

2000 dead american soldiers. how disturbing to hear bush say he won't quit till he's beaten the terrorists. better get used to a very long, costly and damaging few years. then perhaps the war will end, as america realises that you can't beat terrorists, no matter how much you say you can and will. they've already proved that.

and on a good note, how about the staggering successes of the two martian rovers, spirit and opportunity? it's good to have something this country can be proud about.

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Annie said...

Maybe that Bush ought to stand in front of the mirror with one of those bonker pillows and beat himself. He strikes terror in my heart, so what does that make him?


Keep on bloggin' nutty! I don't have enough time to comment often -but I enjoy your posts.