Sunday, October 02, 2005

spruce knob and mars

on the left, my very first (totally unprocessed) image of mars. on the right about 5 mins with paint shop pro (which i just downloaded).

it took me about two hours of not knowing what i was doing, and experimenting with different settings in the cold, damp, and very dark skies of spruce knob in west virginia to get this shot.

imaging is a lot more involved than visual observing. my hat goes off to all those amatuers that capture truly spectacular images.


Annie said...

Fine work, nutty.
I think the images are stellar.


nutty said...

hello tink,

many thanks. saturn was a spectacular sight in the early morning, but i was
unable to get an image of it as there was just too much dew dripping off
everything to risk the laptop. we're going back next month to the same place and i'll try then.