Sunday, October 16, 2005

i sell-out

Apple sued by Eminem over iTunes ad song

proof that apple has at last attained microsoft status. think different? eminem's different?

how about big companies actually featuring no-names?

how about the obnoxious mcdonald's ad featuring the new, modern 'cool hippie.....being in a mcdonald's ad is not cool.

take the never-off-the-nfl-air visa ad, featuring tom brady and his offensive line - hm, no charlie weiss this year, eh? guess visa didn't know that.

but the best of nfl sunday award goes to the car companies, suddenly extolling the virtues of fuel economy. this from a country whose politicians, automakers, the oil industry and their powerful lobbyists, have made it their business not to focus on economy, or the world's energy issues. anybody remember the kyoto treaty?.

now they've caught a cold and are losing sales to the japanese (whose mainstay vehicles are actually fuel-conscious passenger cars, as opposed to trucks).

want to be a leader? try being the first, not the last to champion the cause of responsibility when it comes to oil.

the chevy truck ad with the line 'lead, follow, or be road kill' says it all...a company that has spent $40 million advertising the vastly fuel-inefficient silverado.

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