Thursday, July 27, 2006

just when you thought the 2006 tour de france was over...

the 2006 tour de france will go down as the whackiest, drama-ridden tour of them all, and that was before this bombshell.


Anonymous said...

Nutty- still waiting on the blog for the new "diet Beesh"
I've heard he alo has begun consuming fat free cheese!

nutty said...

it's almost impossible to keep up with all the latest developments. beesh/biesch (does anyone know the correct spelling of his last name?)

he should certainly think about launching his own line of dietary supplements; there's no telling how far one man can go. 'diet dr. biesch' could become an overnight sensation.

with regard to entertainment, i was very suprised that i didn't see him mentioned anywhere in the credits of wallace & gromit's 'curse of the wererabbit'- one viewing of this masterpiece is all that's needed.