Tuesday, October 17, 2006

it's a tuesday morning. which sports personality do you NOT want to be?

is it:

a) mark brunell - two words: "gotta go!" humiliating loss on sunday against a winless team.

b) rex grossman - three words: "what was that?" monday night football's bizarrest game.

c) danny pedrosa - two words, but i'm not saying. picture if you will: it's the penultimate race (portugal) of the moto gp season. your team mate (nicky hayden), is leading the world championship in points by a slim margin in what has been a thrilling season, and is looking to win the title for the very first time, so you cut him up on the inside, lose control of the bike, and crash into your team mate, taking you both out of the race. the commentators are stunned, i'm stunned, the honda team manager is stunned and also angry. nicky hayden? oh, he was angry; he completely by-passed 'stunned' and went into full 'rage' mode.

danny pedrosa gets my vote as the sports personality i choose not to be.
er, except t. o. of course...

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