Thursday, October 05, 2006

whose dime is it anyway?

what a sorry, pathetic excuse the west has in george w. bush, supposed 'leader of the free world'.

it's hard to imagine an individual in power that can unimpress more. voted into power on promises of tax cuts, re-elected by those that nodded their empty heads on the 'war on terror' platform, he has mismanaged his responsibility to those he purports to represent with breathtaking stupidity.

no-one's perfect, but he redifines inability and incapability. if he were at school, he'd be the one sitting at the back of the class with a dunce's hat on - the wrong way around.

in a culture of denial that spreads like a cancer from his rear-ended seat of power, 'the george white house show' instead refuses to acknowledge what even the most entrenched denialists know deep within; no matter how many times i say the same thing, doesn't make it true.

here are some top-ten highlights (sic):

the war in iraq: 2,500+ american personnel dead, tens of thousands iraqi civilian dead, and the situation deteriorating into an all-out catastrophe for an imagined democracy on american terms.

the war on terror: currently costing the next generation of american taxpayers $6 billion a month, and by all reports, a surging breeding ground for anti-american hatred. good one there, george.

the kyoto treaty. climate change? oh yes, well perhaps, but we're not going to reduce our carbon emissions. let the rest of the world not copy verbatim what we dirtily did to get to our present state.

hurricane katrina - the callous disregard for what was going on in new orleans by the president can only be described as incredible. i watched in open-mouthed disbelief as bushy saunters in to the famous aircraft hanger meeting and blurts out "you're doing a heck of a job". where were you, when your city needed a real man instead of one that doesn't even show his face in washington, d.c?

gun control. in a week that has witnessed tragic killings of schoolchildren!, all by semi-automatic weapons, this president allowed the ban on semi-automatic weapons to pass, preferring instead to hold hands with the nra, whose figurehead managed to shoot his own friend. exactly what will it take to have an open discussion on limiting the availability of guns in this country? i imagine that it will take a personal loss by a member of the house, until then, nobody seems to have the stomach for a fight.

the foley case. just when is a republican representative going to stand up and be counted against this administration? i read in the new york times earlier this week, that congress is all about making deals. pity. i thought it's job was to represent others. sadly, the democrats instead of seizing the moment and being brave, instead scurry around like rats in someone else's cellar, also making deals so they can get tossed a few crumbs from the king's table. and you call yourselves 'men of office!'

and last, but by no means least: the unimaginable horror and suffering of the people of darfur: where is this supposed 'free world' when its most unfortunate people needs them most?

telling americans to go shopping, isn't 'gonna do it, george.

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