Thursday, October 26, 2006

we, the unqualified...

i'm jeff suppan. i'm an expert on embryonic stem cell research. neither me or any members of my family have parkinson's disease or any other that might be helped by such research. that's right; i'm a baseball pitcher.

that's why i'm qualified, along with kurt (i've got jesus, but no starting quarterback job in the nfl) warner, to make this ad.

along with rush limbaugh, this trio are a very sorry-looking bunch of (not personally afflicted) celebrity endorsements for the republicans.

michael j. fox, is however, extremely well-qualified to make an advert highlighting stem cell research an politics.


Feynman and Coulter's Love Child said...

Its not the opponents of child-murdering medical non-miracles that invented the "celebrity backing" concept, but now its completely unacceptable of a stunt?

If Jane Fonda is allowed to speak about the Vietnam War, than Jeff Suppan is allowed to talk about using taxpayer money to fund research untouched by the results-demanding private sector.

nutty said...

1) i don't believe in miracles. i never once heard of a family crying with happiness, falling to their knees and giving thanks to god because their entire family just got killed.

2) i don't personally think celebrities 'ought' to give political endorsements, but since they are taxpayers, they 'can'.

3) since when exactly did an embryo become a child? or are the rightist republicans eager to change scientific definitions just because they don't agree with religious views on what is a controversial topic?

4) murder? that implies we must change the definition of murder and celebrate our birthdays when we are conceived, rather than when we were born. how about america ridding itself of its love affair with guns?

5) hey; stop knocking jane fonda. have you seen barbarella? :)