Thursday, May 17, 2007

general motors - if only americans were chinese...

yes, it's the wuling sunshine minivan.

The van costs $3,700 (£1,872), has a 0.8 litre engine, and weighs less than 1000kg - yet cheap labour costs mean that GM makes a substantial profit on each vehicle it sells.

But with labour costs of just $4 per hour - half the rate in Shanghai - GM Asia Pacific boss Nick Reilly says that the company is only spending $100 per vehicle on labour - and the factory is working around the clock on a three-shift system.

...that's funny that they make a vehicle that's fuel-efficient, because whenever i watch baseball or any other sport, all i see are GM's ads for pick-up trucks they can't sell...

it's so easy to take a swipe at america's automobile manufacturers:

let's see: who can name the most popular fuel-efficient car america produces?

go to europe and not only will just about everyone tell you it's a vw golf (40+mpg), but most will have owned one at some point. (i have, 2, actually, and drove across europe in one)

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