Wednesday, May 30, 2007

how very american...


Franchitti Earns $1.6 Million From Record Indianapolis 500 Purse

'Dario Franchitti earned $1,645,233 from a record purse of $10,668,815 for his victory May 27 in the 91st Indianapolis 500-Mile Race. This year's event purse broke the record of $10,518,565 set in 2006.'

why does america seem incapable of separating sporting achievement and money?

no other country does it. perhaps that's why america sucks at world level in so many international sports that don't have a high dollar prize for winning an event..

i'll list a few:

rugby, formula 1, cricket, rally driving (contrary to fox sports, nascar drivers are not the greatest drivers on earth), & football (sorry, but women's soccer doesn't count).

just wait until the nfl football season starts. commentators will be falling over themselves about how much every single person who touches the ball makes. if the player actually does something he is supposed to, of course he will draw as much attention to himself as possible, gesturing like a prick, just so he can massage his own ego and make the highlight reels.

...o.k now watch the rugby world cup, beginning exactly 100 days from today.

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