Wednesday, October 17, 2007

as the united states grapples with:

falling standards in education,

no free health care for its citizens,

poverty and homelessness among the most disadvantaged members of its society,

the disastrous war in iraq that has cost taxpayers $100 million dollars or so A DAY!!! the long-term cost of this 'war' could well top out at at $2 trillion dollars (and for what?)

what news do we hear about regarding the all-smiling presidential hopefuls?

The United States will hold its first billion dollar presidential election next year, heightening concerns about the influence of money in American politics.

if ever a country that had so much and squandered it was headed for a fall, this is surely it.

isn't there a single presidential candidate that can stop smiling long enough to take their gloves off, stop being afraid of the polls, tell the truth, and be a leader?

it's pretty obvious this country needs another martin luther king, but all we're seeing is a bunch of manicured suits that daren't say the wrong thing because they don't want to alienate potential voters..


Anonymous said...

i think that is john edwards

nutty said...

that's funny, because i live just a few blocks from the whitehouse, and i don't recall seeing john edwards, nor anyone else in the presidential race giving any impassioned public speeches here after hurricane katrina...

nutty said...

and where were all our candidates screaming out for gun control after the virginia tech massacre? no. they were all too busy praying...

john edwards, the new martin luther king? i don't think so.