Tuesday, October 09, 2007

cleveland beat the yankees to face boston for division title

it's difficult for me to feel happier about seeing any sports team lose than seeing the new york yankees lose, especially in post-season play, and even more so when they lose and their owner's dreams of chasing yet another title come to and end.

george steinbrenner's completely mad obsession with 'winning is everything - nothing else matters' mentality, is so obnoxious that it defies all moral and ethical standards about normal sporting behavior and competition. year after year after year, major league baseball allows team owners to bankroll efforts that place them at a distinct advantage in order to win themselves a so-called 'world championship', a title surely long overdue a name change, since no other countries are allowed to compete in north america...

luckily, just throwing obscene amounts of cash at A-rod and the like hasn't gotten this nasty megalomaniac the title he so perversely craves, and so on the very eve of his team facing elimination because of cleveland's outstandingly better play, he tells the media that his manager, joe torre is paid a lot of money, and will most likely lose his job if they lose.


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