Friday, December 28, 2007

back to reality - but not if you're cnn...

so daisy and were heading back to dc yesterday from a 4-day stay over christmas in orlando, with my brother and his family, who have been living in spain for the past 15 years. we're waiting for a connecting flight to dc at atlanta when daisy tells me to look up at the tv monitor at the departure gate. "Bhutto Assasinated" scrawls the Breaking News headline.

apart from us, i can see only ONE other person, a man in his thirties paying any attention whatsoever to the news. this is in a crowded airport lounge with some 200 people in our vicinity.
if ever i needed to see at first hand that the majority of americans don't get, don't care, or just aren't interested in world affairs, this was surely it. i'm sure if the breaking news story was about brittney spears there would have been a lot more attention paid...

as i'm taking in this bombshell, they put the audio on and pretty much the only commentary and obvious focus from cnn is on how this will affect america and its relationship with pakistan on the, you've guessed it, "war on terror". never mind how the country of pakistan and its people & military rule government will react, the immediate outlook for democracy, and the destabilization & rioting that will surely ensue and how many people will die as a result.

no. as i'm waiting to get on a plane back to washington, d.c, cnn wants to tell america how bhutto's assasination affects america and the endles fucking war on fucking terror!

CNN - Crap News Network. are you guys owned by FOX News?

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