Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Green Light for Institute on Creation in Texas

HOUSTON — A Texas higher education panel has recommended allowing a Bible-based group called the Institute for Creation Research to offer online master’s degrees in science education.

The action comes weeks after the Texas Education Agency’s director of science, Christine Castillo Comer, lost her job after superiors accused her of displaying bias against creationism and failing to be “neutral” over the teaching of evolution.

…“Where the difference is, we provide both sides of the story,” Mr. Morris said. On its Web site, the institute declares, “All things in the universe were created and made by God in the six literal days of the creation week” and says it “equips believers with evidences of the Bible’s accuracy and authority through scientific research, educational programs, and media presentations, all conducted within a thoroughly biblical framework.”

…no mr. morris. where the difference is, you present not both sides of the story, as if the story of creation and evolution somehow merited the same weight, but state your own unsubstantiated outrageous claims of a virgin birth and a star that never existed, according to all records. an earth that could not possibly have geologically formed, offering no means of independent verification, and accept no criticism of a book, your only record of this event. i ask you mr. morris, have YOU ever seen the sun stand still in the sky? come on!

you discredit what mankind has achieved through his intellect through the ages, everyone else being wrong apart from you, ignoring what you see before you with your own two eyes, even as you and your kind type away on computers operating on the principles of science, not faith. science has had an unhappy habit of peeling away the pillars of mysticism from the church.

there was a time when people believed that flowers used to bloom because god made them so. then some clever scientist discovered that it wasn't god after all, but photosynthesis.

in short, you'd all be a lot happier if scientists and the rest of us 'normal, well-adjusted' people just went away wouldn't you? because then there wouldn't be all these uncomfortable challenges to your ridiculous claims of a virgin birth, the son of god, creator of the universe, who is so great that he needs worshiping on a daily basis, or else he's going to kill everyone by sending them to hell.

very reasonable!

at best, you are a bunch of brain-washing hypocrites.

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Enchanting Sunshine said...

Had no idea what you were moving to when you came to America, did you? My husband looks at me and says, "Your country is crazy."

I then deny it's my country.