Monday, June 23, 2008

92% of Americans believe in God


but strangely,

Public Continues to Oppose Banning Handgun Sales


so, americans overwhelmingly believe in god but want the right to shoot, kill, maim, and injure each other with guns...

doesn't that seem a little odd?


Daniel said...

in case you havent noticed there is a strong bias toward the Old Testament here in the States. Just because you believe in God doesn't mean that you have to be a pacifist and not take measures (and responsibility) for protecting yourself.

nutty said...

er, yes. i have noticed the strong bias. i am a happy, well-adjusted atheist. and no, i don't need saving...

when i die, that's it. for you, you have to worry constantly about your sins. i'm not too impressed by a god that never has to face death himself offering me, a mere mortal, everlasting life...

i presume you do not live in a major metropolitan area or the suburbs, daniel? you know, where people are being shot...

i've got news for you, daniel. where people are being shot is where the police don't want guns.

like your nations capitol.

and you can't defend yourself without a gun?...nobody i know owns a gun, yet none of us feel threatened, yet we live in washington, d.c. where there are plenty of gun deaths and shootings.

how many countries have you driven in outside of your home country daniel?

i can count the following: (excluding the uk. because i'm from england)

italy (lived there for a year)

even with guns and religion in varying degrees, these people just don't shoot & kill each other like americans do.

do they not want to protect themselves? do i not want to protect myself and my wife?

hardly. yet seemingly, it is possible to do so without a device, the operation of is solely for one purpose.

and that purpose is to kill.

sorry, but in my book, that appears to me a biblical contradiction.

by all means protect yourself and those you love, but you will earn my respect if you do so without a gun, because unlike you daniel, i'm the one in much greater risk of getting shot.

unless i'm completely wrong of course, and you live in south east d.c. or somewhere similar.

so post a reply and let me know whereabouts you live.



Enchanting Sunshine said...


You're trying to apply logic to how Americans think. That's where you've gone wrong. Does anything about the way we live strike you as logical? We don't like to think and we don't. Thinking is hard. Consuming and shooting. That's what we do here.

And truly we have your kind to blame for letting us separate from the UK in the first place.

Happy 4th!