Tuesday, June 03, 2008

she's the better candidate...

now she's open to the VP slot...

is not picking someone whose most vehement supporters wouldn't vote for you and would rather vote for john mccain. strange when you consider that these are the very people that are supposed to feel strongly about women's reproductive rights, civil rights, discrimination, and the opposing of appointing of right-wing justices - the very opposite of the republican candidate many were threating to give their votes to if florida and michigan delegates weren't given full voting rights.

just what sort of democrats are these people, and why would barack obama want hillary as a running mate just to appease those she has stirred up and made angry. isn't that john mccain and the republican party's job?

no. real change is having courage in your convictions and NOT having a clinton at his side. there are plenty of non-toxic choices for vice president. all of whom haven't been busy trying to persuade us all of his un-electability, his inexperience, who would be ready on day one (because he isn't) and drive a wedge between him and the very voters she purports to represent.

give hillary a job in the cabinet as minister of health. she would be excellent at it, and it would be good for the party and the country, but he just cannot bow to elder pressure and give her (and run-away-mouth bill) the VP slot. because a few minnow-minded washingtonian democrats think that forcing the two of them together is somehow a good idea. bit like oil and water.

that's not what the millions of young people have stood in lines, just to hear you speak, a politician, for the first time in their lives have waited all this time for.

now give them (and us) what we all want.

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Mike Licht said...

Did you see the Clinton HQ statement?