Wednesday, June 04, 2008

america: cheap, tacky, & in denial

history is an often overused term in the united states lexicon, probably because it doesn’t have much, but last night history indeed was made, and this country turned a very important page.

contrary to john, sniggering-nervous mccain’s speech in louisiana to a crowd made up of white people, barack obama, clinched the democratic presidential nomination.

the difference between the two candidates, republican and democratic couldn’t be more stark as voters consider their choice before november’s election. of course, for a candidate that voted against the martin luther king holiday, it was all so sincere…

and then there was hillary’s “I have all these 18 million voters and I can influence who they vote for in November” aggressive speech.

it’s hard to know where to start, but I’ll begin with how about acknowledging history, hillary, chose to be a sore loser in denial. not once recognizing that for the first time in american history, an african american had clinched the nomination for president, she chose to instead focus on herself and why she was the better candidate in the swing states that she won; as if there were some more contests down the road…hardly a speech of healing and party unity.

must be difficult for the clintons given that they must have dreamt for so long to see an African american running for president. I guess they never imagined that one would emerge that could prove to be so effective a candidate and inspire so many when everything looked like a given for hillary just a few months earlier. they wanted an african american presidential candidate, alright, just not on their watch.

so america was presented with a truly historical night, and one in which both hillary clinton showed no class whatsoever, and john mccain just showed up.

just goes to prove that all those millions can’t buy dignity, because the only candidate showing any was barack obama, whose first real duty when he got to the microphone was to thank his grandmother, and then went on to give a truly uplifting speech, one full of hope and inspiration and unity. there was nothing about him.

maybe all those rabid democratic hillary feminists should be pondering that as they plot his downfall.

...and come november, we will find out if democratic americans actually have a brain, or want four more years of exactly the same.

and since they're so committed to not voting to barack obama, i suggest all hillary's supporters watch spike lee's excellent documentary:

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