Tuesday, December 09, 2008

John.C.Flood, Inc.

i just want to say a big "thankyou" to John.C.Flood, Inc. for arranging to come out between 1pm-5pm, and the 'phone call i received at 4:58pm letting me know they were running late (this was after we 'phoned them just before around 3:45pm and were told we were their next job)

my response was to tell the caller that unless someone showed up at my door in the next two minutes, i was canceling the job and would find someone else.

when it comes to contractors, you DO NOT have to take it up the 'ain.

speaking of which, gives me plenty of time to read 'joe the plumber's next great literary work...

it includes advice on 15 mins of fame, fashion, not paying your taxes, and lying.

perhaps they should change the title to encourage readership among all the far-right republicans...something along the lines of:

Cunt, I am

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